How To Download Blink App for PC Windows & Mac

Know to download a camera app like blink app for pc. You can be aware of the things that are happening at your home even when you are miles away from your home. It enables you to check multiple compatible cameras. This application is developed by the Immedia Semiconductor company, which is available at the lowest price.

With the help of this app, you can secure your Personal places like houses, offices, etc., with the help of the internet connection you can control the blink cameras.

blink app for pc

Now in this article on blink app for pc, we will provide you the steps to install the blink app for pc and its features. So, keep continue reading this article, so you might not miss any topic that we provided and might not get confused during the installation process.

How to Install Blink App for PC

As there is no .exe extension for the application, the blink app may not available anywhere. Therefore, on the mac or windows you might you cannot install or run the blink app on your PC. Don’t be panic in this article we are going to show the steps on how to install the blink app for PC.

blink camera app for pc

With the help of provided installation steps, you can install and run the Blink app on your windows and mac. Then follow the given below steps to get blink app for pc.

Step 1: To run the game on your PC or your laptop, you need to have the emulator. There you need have to download the emulator bluestacks or the VMware fusion for windows and the bluestacks for the mac.

Step 2: Now install the Bluestacks or the VMware fusion on your device for the installation of the Blink app and follow the onscreen instructions to install the emulators on your PC.

Step 3: After you have installed the emulator on your device. To browse the play store enter the required credentials and then search for the Blink home monitor.

Step 4: To start the installation process of the blink home monitor on your device, click on the install button and then click on “Yes” if it asks you to confirm the installation process.

Step 5: Be with the patient until you have complete the installation process. After the completion of the installation, open the blink app on your desktop, and to log in to the account enter the required credentials for this, or if you don’t have the account create the new account.

Step 6: Once you have login into the account, there you can view the application guide that will help you to set up the application. Simply follow those.

After completion of this process, you can be able to run the blink app for the monitor if you have installed the app properly.

Features of Blink Camera App For PC

Now, let us discuss about the features of the blink camera app for PC. Below we have provided you the steps to features of this app, to know go through it.

  • It has the well-designed interface, that is easy to access and convenient.
  • You can remotely able to check and even manage multiple home security cameras.
  • It has two-way communication, where you can able to talk to your family members.
  • To accurately alert suspicious movements, it has smart motion detection.
  • Even at the detailed full HD-resolution you can watch and capture the live stream.

Blink Home Monitor App for PC – Benefits

Here we have provided you a few of the benefits of the Blink home monitor app for PC. Here are a few for you.

  • You are allowed to check all the details of the feed.
  • To make your home scrunity easier, it is equipped with the several smart and intelligent features.
  • It will let to talk to the person who is infront of the camera.
  • Moreover, at the HD-resolutions it will shows you the real time camera feed.
  • It has the two-way communication, where you can allow to talk to your family members.
  • You can auto-capture the live feed and even store them on your cloud store to check it later.
  • All the features of the blink app is very easy to control.
  • It sends you the notification, through its smart motion detection system, where it alerts you about the suspicious moments.

How to connect Blink Cams with App

Now, we will discuss the steps to install the Blink cams with the application this is pretty easy and all you want to do is, scan the QR-code with your computer or with the smart phone. After the you have scanned then you will get the successful connection notification with in seconds.

Now lets try to add the camera in the blink application. To do so follow the given below steps.

Step1: From your device, open the blink app and then click on the sync module. Once you are connected with the blink server, you will see the green connection lines.

Step2: On the homescreen of the blink app, Now, you will find the Plus (+) icon. Then, click on it to connect to the cameras.

Step3: After this, now you will be redirect to the screen “Add Device”. Now, on the screen, you will find the “Blink Camera” and the “Mini Camera” that is listed.

Step4: For the mini cameras, you are not required to sync the module. However, for the extended functionalities, you can add it with the sync module. Now, to add the camera, after clicking on the camera you can scan the “QR code”  from the camera body.

Step5: If your QR code is not functioning, then you can also enter the serial key manually. Moreover, under the battery compartment of the camera, you can find the serial number.

Step6: Now, you will see the recommendations on the camera placement, once you have added the camera successfully.

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I Hope, this article on blink app for pc helps you to provide the required information about what is blink app for pc and how to install it on your device, features, benefits, and many more. If you have doubts about blink camera app for pc, feel free to text us. Stay to Appspc for more updates.

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